Sunday, March 18, 2012


Do you find it hard to make yourself go to the gym? Do you not have enough time to work out? Well you’re not alone there are hundreds of people that feel that way, including me. There are some times that I just lose all the motivation that I once had to work out and this could be from numerous different reasons but one thing to remember is to look at what you have gained from this. Ask yourself why did I start working out in the first place and try to remind yourself of your goal. Yes, you may be tired but the longer you wait in the day the harder it is to pull yourself to go to the gym to a point when it becomes too late. So, the best thing to do is if you are busy take a small break even if it is just an half an hour keeping up the routine is what is important and try to go when you first come to think about it. You may think about working out and think oh well I can do this later but this is how it starts. Have any of you ever felt like working out but thought you could do it an hour later and never got to it?


  1. Until this year, I was full of nothing but excuses not to exercise. Finding the motivation to take the first steps toward the gym is a challenge, and I'm definitely guilty of procrastinating. I've been pretty good about getting in my gym workouts by the end of the days I have them scheduled. I'm not as good about getting in all of the cardio I should be on the other days because of that 'I can do it later' mentality.

  2. I'm am horrible at procrastinating!!! I'm soo guilty about saying I'm gonna go work out and then when I finally do get ready its super late!